About me

Hey. Here you probably need to talk about my incredible merit in the field of aero design? Maybe we should show the car and a small cart of my awards, prizes, certificates … Be sure to tell the dizzying history of the aerodesigner’s career! Honored work from balloons and what I should impress my potential student so much that it’s impossible not to trust directly. But wait! Then I will be completely different from that Alena Pogodina, which everyone knows is some other girl. Why? Maybe I just have nothing to show you? Partly yes! No, of course there are works that I am proud and love, I added them to the gallery, there are also prizes, quite a bit, but there is something. But I am afraid that all these indicators really do not matter to you … Why are you here? To listen to me or what you can learn? I think that the second is much more important for you, and rightly so! I will tell you a little about myself the way I really am.

I was born and grew up in Moscow …. oh probably I started from far away …? I found out what aerodesign is and how it happens I happen to be completely random in 2009. Then, on the eve of my own wedding, I was completely shocked by what kind of things you could make of balloons. The balls caught me and the first thing I did was find a wholesale company selling balls and just bought a whole ton of balls, which, by the way, many people still roll around. Of course, I didn’t become an aerodesigner, but periodically, for friends ’birthdays, I sculpted some simple designs from the bald and was just sure that these were masterpieces. And then the baby was born, my eldest son Tikhon, and of course it was my duty to make him the most masterful anniversary. True, the fear of spoiling the holiday for the child did not allow me to take everything into my hands, so it was decided to hire a professional decorator with balloons. Uncle arrived and pouted a lot of balls. Well, I inflated my own part of the balls, so to speak, I put my hand. The holiday was over, but my uncle never left his head.
It is necessary, I came, I drove the balls, and I also earned money! Already after a while I was ripe for a business idea! I came to my husband and said, everything, I will become an aerodesigner. Here we must pay tribute to my family, and especially my husband. They not only supported me then, although they probably didn’t believe in this idea deep down, but they helped me in every way. We sat with the child, encouraged and together with me inflated balls at night. Husband gave out funds and helped launch the site. Neither knowledge in the field of site ownership, nor knowledge in the field of professional aerodesign. The wilderness is deaf and only fears, many, many fears. Fun beginning is true? It would be cool if I told the story of how I found further the teacher’s miracle and learned the skill and how I started to inflate, twist, twirl … But this is not so. Now it’s hard for me to say why I didn’t stop. And the prerequisites were many. But something inside me did not leave me to go out of my way. As they say called, climb. There was also a little training and customer search and the first orders and the first shoals and many many shoals.

And searching for information and sat at forums, in clubs, communities at night, looking for information bit by bit. Trained and trained solely on live clients. And not only deal with the balls, but also the business had to learn from scratch. In general, I am the most ordinary girl who once got sick with balls and is now simply incurable. Balloons once turned my life and now it will not be the same. I went through all the stages of learning the subtleties of aerodesign bit by bit and I learned from my own mistakes through millions of my own mistakes and still do not stop learning. I do not consider myself neither a guru, nor a super master, nor any outstanding person. I’m just a girl who has accumulated knowledge, has learned to work and by some miracle began to teach others. But the most interesting thing is that I myself, of course, still have to study and learn. But now we will do it exclusively with you. Of course, everyone who came to this school may have different goals. But this does not negate one thing, all of you are already a little sick with balls …
And I will not wish you recovery, I will only help make your illness even more conscious. And may, on the way to your becoming, at least one of my lessons or advice be truly valuable for you. After all, this is exactly what I created this school for.