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Who are our courses suitable for?

Beginners Aerodesigns
Beginners Aerodesigns
Get confidence and a strong foundation of knowledge
Professional aerodesigners
Professional aerodesigners
They will upgrade their skills and get new creative ideas.
Holidays business owners
Holidays business owners
They will be able to improve the qualifications of their employees and prepare personnel for work.
Creative people
Creative people
Get a new hobby and passion for extra money
Creative moms
Creative moms
They will find ready-made solutions for arranging holidays on their own and saving the family budget
Beginners will get a strong foundation for a side job and a hobby, and advanced masters will receive a springboard for business and self-reliance!

About school

School benefits

Get to the new level with Alena Pogodina!

9 reasons to study at our school:

Structured and drip feed
Practical homework with verification
Teacher support throughout the training
Certificate of attendance and annual access to lessons
Full list of consumables for tasks
The ability to additionally order balls for practice for each course separately
Discounts from partners
Gifts to the best graduates
Inexhaustible source of inspiration and inevitable professional growth

About me

Alena Pogodina is an expert and professional in the field of aero design. Started working with balls in 2010, in 2012 - the founder of his own company on registration of holidays in Moscow. From 2016 - the author of free lessons on youtube and finally in 2019 - founder and ideological mastermind online schools for aero design. Today Alena is ready to pump the knowledge of everyone who wants to embark on this interesting and creative way.

Over 4 years of teaching:

  • Conducted 24 in-person workshops;
  • 17 individual lessons;
  • I’ve shot 130 tutorial video lessons.

“My online school was created to make aero design professional, and accessible to everyone. I will help you easily master the skills of working properly with balloons, hone your skills and gain confidence.”

– Your Alena Pogodina


You can start learning now! It is a good opportunity to understand and decide whether our school is suitable for you, how much the level and model of education corresponds to your desires.
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Live workshops

Live seminars have a special value in learning. At such meetings there is an opportunity not only to see the mentor personally but also to have a great time in the company of like-minded people. Alena Pogodina regularly conducts face-to-face seminars in various cities. You can learn more about the programs, place, date and cost of our seminars on the page section.

Individual training

Individual lessons are always:
Personal communication and practice
Opportunity to work more questions
Individual training program
An individual approach to the student has always had a special value. If difficulties arise in training, personal meetings help get answers to literally all questions. With the help of such a format, a student gets valuable first-hand experience, expands his capabilities and improves the quality of professional skills. Such classes are suitable for anyone who wants to additionally practice in any direction of aerodesign.

Free education

Free education
If you are not yet ready to invest in your own education, but your skills are not enough, Don Ballon and Alena Pogodina have already taken care of you! Since 2016, on the channel in Youtube there is a completely free project "The Art of Aerodesign". This is a huge collection of training workshops on aero design. Every Thursday on the channel goes new MK. You will visually get acquainted with my training master classes and immediately understand how clear and accessible our lessons are for you.


Don Ballon is a welcome holiday at light prices! Don Ballon is a large wholesale supplier of balloons, party accessories and specialized materials for aero design and business. There are more than 6000 unique products of leading world manufacturers in the constant assortment of the company: from budget China to first-class Spain and Colombia. Reputable […]
A unique platform for aerodesigners. Programs for professional work with balls: “Calculation of the cost of helium”, “calculator garlands”, “Designer sketches”, “Virtual pressure gauge”, “Calculation of the arch.” Own production of accessories and equipment for balls.
Agura is the first and only manufacturer of foil balls in Russia. Agura products are distinguished by their original attractive design and relevant meanings for a wide audience, for any festive events.

Mission kits

Mission kits

What if there are no suitable balls for homework in your city? And if you do not need to buy different balls in large quantities, and you need to train?

If you do not know where to find the right balls or do not see the point to spend a lot of money to buy large packages of 100 balls, then I will please you and take off a lot of unnecessary hassle.

I have prepared for you ready-made sets of balls and tools! Each course will have its own unique set. It will include all the necessary balls for school with a small margin. The purchase of such a kit is not a prerequisite for training, you can perform practical tasks from those balls and using the tools that you have available.